To all of our current clients, if you have an off air situation, the policy is, Pick up the phone and report ANY emergency off air condition that you may have. Contacting us through any other means like facebook, e-mail, text messaging etc., for off air emergency situations is unacceptable as "we" will not be held responsible for critical messages that are not delivered from other networks. Would you email or text 911 if you were having a heart attack? Probably not, so pick up that trusty phone when your station is off the air and or when you need immediate answers to questions.

If you are a potential new client, and or exploring engineering assistance with your facility, then email us, call us or use any other method on this page to contact us for more information. Please take note...If you have ordered a low powered Part 15 AM transmitter through us or found us through other sites, we will only entertain transmitter installations within a 100 mile radius of our main office located in Little Falls NY. We have to set these limits due to the cost in time and travel and that beyond a 100 mile radius, it becomes cost prohibitive for everyone involved. Please understand this as we can not bend on this. PLEASE TAKE NOTE!!!

We will NOT entertain traveling to NYC/Long Island nor will we entertain helping you with your PIRATE radio station.
Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you all soon!

Live Support,
Ask Your Question -HERE-

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For further info call us at:

In The Northeast:

☏ +1 315-316-2928

In The Mid-Atlantic:

☏ +1 252-679-2606

Anywhere In The USA TOLL FREE!

☏ +1 877-958-4533

We ask that you not "hide" your number. If you reach our voice mail, please leave a message detailing what you may need and a good call back number. We will return your call as soon as possible.

For further info e-mail us at:

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